Valley Cosplay Designers Gear Up for Phoenix Comic-Con

Valley Cosplay Designers

Phoenix -  

Local designers are working around the clock to gear up cosplayers for Phoenix Comic-Con.

Ultimate cosplayers know you can't just buy your Comic-Con costume from the local mall. Gabby Donathan, the Seamstress behind Maise Designs, and Karlyn Herring (AKA Lunar Lyn), a cosplayer, who doubles as a designer, have teamed up this year to create the ultimate costumes for a group of women who take cosplay seriously. Their theme for this year is "Avengers in Wonderland," which brings a wonderful mesh of costumes inspired by Avenger heroes, as well as the vivid, Alice in Wonderland. Donathan will also be featured at Phoenix Comic-Con in the costumes category. Phoenix Comic-Con begins May 25,2017 over Memorial Day weekend. 

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