Quick 6 Tech to Watch at Facebook's F8 Conference

Revealing More about Virtual Reality and Censoring Fake News

Quick 6 things to watch at Facebook's F8 Conference. 

Facebook’s annual F8 kicks off today in San Jose, California. Here are six new Facebook products you can expect to hear about.

Augmented Reality - AR lenses probably won’t be available for a few years, but a big focus will be to eventually have glasses or contact lenses you can interact with. They can give you information about streets you are walking on, or restaurant’s you are eating at.

Messenger - Facebook should be launching new Messenger features, including new chat bots for group conversations. They will provide information relevant to the group like stock prices and sports scores.

Virtual Reality - Eight different VR-related sessions will happen at this year’s conference.
The discussion will include tips for creating compelling narratives in VR, building cross-platform VR content, and adding social components to VR.

Fake News and Violent Content - With the ability to go live, new ways to speed up the removal of graphic content will be announced, as well as new programs to help users spot fake news and monitor reliability.

Facebook at Work - The Workplace feature has been in a testing phase since early April, but it is expected that Facebook is ready to roll the service out to the general public during the conference.

Voice Control - Everyone has heard of Amazon’s Alexa, now Facebook is trying to show some new voice features of its own. Facebook does have personal assistant “M” but it is not available to most Facebook users, it could be released during the conference.

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