Meet the Newest CW Shows

Sneak Peek at the Newest CW Shows

The CW Upfronts released new shows and a new fall schedule. 

This fall will be drama packed with a reboot of the 1980s soap opera 'Dynasty' and a military drama 'Valor.' The CW is also adding a new superhero show 'Black Lightning.' 'Life Sentence' with Lucy Hale will kick off during the midseason premieres. Take a 'First Look' at all the new CW Shows. 

The creators of 'Gossip Girl' come together for this reboot of an old classic. Dynasty is packed with drama as the heir to the family fortune has a new fiancé, leaving the fate of the company and the family up in the air. The new heiress is stirring up trouble of her own while uncovering darker secrets along the way. Dynasty will air on Wednesday's at 8 p.m. following Riverdale. 

Adding to the drama, Valor is the story of a group of elite military personnel. When mission goes wrong the two survivors must now live with their decisions in the 
field and eventually fight to save a captured soldier. The boundaries between human morals and military discipline are tested while military and government secrets are unveiled. Valor airs after Supergirl on Monday nights at 8 p.m.


Black Lightning
Former superhero Black Lightning, real name Jerome Pierce, used to fight on the streets, but retired in 2005 and became a high school principal. He is now focused on saving kids in the classroom and raising his children. Gang violence grows worse, forcing Pierce out of retirement. Black Lightning is part of the mid-season premieres, and will not be a part of The CW Superhero Crossover Week. 


Life Sentence
Starring Lucy Hale, what happens when a death sentence suddenly goes away? Hale plays a woman who was just cured of cancer, after being told she only had months to live. Now she must start over, and so do the people around her who were not only planning for her death but keeping secrets from her to make the final months happy and joyous. Life Sentence will air during the midseason premieres. 


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