Hooters Will Give You Free Wings If You Shred a Pic of Your Ex

Get Over Your Ex and Get Into a Pile of Wings This Valentine's Day


Hooters is helping singles get over their breakup this Valentine's Day.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, scorned lovers can get a free plate of wings if they shred a picture of their ex at the restaurant. You also have to order a plate of ten boneless wings to get the deal, but hey, there's nothing like drowning your sorrows in chicken wings.

If you can't bring yourself to eating alone in a Hooters this Valentine's Day, they have a solution for that too. You can digitally destroy a pic of your ex on their website and then get a coupon to order wings to go.

The website does require you to take a short survey with questions about how long your relationship was and how the breakup happened so if you don't want to fester fresh wounds, maybe just stick with the tub of ice cream?

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