Grandma Makes Incredible Art on Microsoft Paint

The Picasso of Microsoft Paint


Apparently kids aren’t the only ones who use Microsoft Paint anymore. 

Concha García Zaera, an 87-year-old grandmother from Spain, has become an Instagram sensation over her incredible art made on Microsoft Paint.

Her Instagram account, @conchagzaera had a little over 300 followers on March 9. After a Twitter user shared a screenshot of her account, she went viral and gained more than 90,000 followers.

All Zaera needs is Windows 7 and a mouse to bring these beautiful paintings to life. As UltimaHora reports, Zaera said she gets most of her inspiration from postcards and landscapes.


# dibujo #dibujoconpaint #conchadibujapaint#paint #marpinoscastillo

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According to Radio Valencia, Zaera used to take oil painting classes but could not paint at home due to the strong odor from the paints. Then, her children gave her a computer and a whole new journey blossomed.

It usually takes Zaera two weeks with intense focus to complete these paintings. Might I add, her artwork is phenomenal. Zaera is finally getting the recognition she deserves!


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