Emperor Penguins Find Camera, Take Selfies

Is this thing on?


Emperor penguins are known to be social and curious animals, but I don’t think anyone knew they had this type of talent!

Eddie Gault, an expeditioner with the Australian Antarctic Division, left his camera on the ice while visiting a penguin colony and a couple of penguins went over to check it out. These penguins are smart, but didn’t actually press record -- it was already rolling.

They produced the cutest, most hilarious :38 video.

The angle starts at the penguin’s feet and somehow it manages to tip the camera up towards the sky. Another penguin friend joins the party and they both just end up staring into the camera lens, trying to figure out if its food probably.

After they stare into the camera for a bit, they both look up into the sky and start shaking their heads and bellies and making chirping noises. 

Let's get these penguins some of their own equipment so they can make their own show! 

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