Bring Teddy Sears Back

Catching Up with Zoom at Phoenix Comicon


Teddy Sears wants to be back on "The Flash." 

No character is completely dead in The CW DC Universe, and Teddy Sears knows there's still a chance. Sears played 'Jay Garrick/Zoom/Hunter Zolomon' in season two of "The Flash." His character died at the end of season two, but with multiple timelines and universes, there is still a chance for him to return. Sears says he would love to come back to The CW, and would even play a barista or even an extra in the background just to be back on the show. We caught up with Sears at Phoenix Comicon, who still keeps his eye to "The Flash," but needs to catch up on season three. 

Sears is waiting to hear if Fox's '24 Legacy' will continue. He has also worked on the show "Masters of Sex" aside from "The Flash." 

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