The Therapy Dog with Four Prosthetic Paws

Meet Chi Chi


Meet the therapy dog getting around just fine with four prosthetic paws. 

Obedience training is just the start to becoming a therapy dog. A pup also has to be able to be touched all over their body without a negative response. A golden retriever named Chi Chi is one of the newest canines to pass the test to officially become a therapy dog. She's already visited residents at Lake Pleasant Post Acute Rehabilitation Facility in Peoria, Ariz., and is back for another round of cuddles and tail wagging. Her friendly smile brightens up the room at the facility for a second time, bringing motivation to the patients. Motivation comes from Chi Chi's back-story. This three-year-old dog is far away from where she was found in South Korea, wrapped in a plastic bag with her legs bond together. She was found near an area where dog meat trading is common, according to Chi Chi's owner, Elizabeth Howell. Chi Chi's legs were worn down to the bone and infected. To save her life, medical teams amputated the bottom part of her legs. And, in spite of her suffering, her sweet temperament is what saved her. "They were gonna euthanize her, but they decided that [because she] was wagging her tail and leaning forward for pets. It seemed like she wanted to live," said Howell. Chi Chi was flown to Los Angeles, Calif. where Howell and her husband adopted her 18 months ago. At first, the family didn't know if Chi Chi would walk again. But the family found a solution with four prosthetic paws, helping Chi Chi move and walk around just like any other dog. Now as a therapy dog, Chi Chi is bringing hope to fellow amputees, who say the golden retriever's story is inspiring. 

A GoFundMe Page has been created to help the family with the cost for the prosthetics. Chi Chi was also diagnosed with Lupus which cannot be cured but is treatable. 

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