'The Simpson's' Predict 2018 Olympic Curling Upset

They've Done it Again, Folks


There has to be at least one time traveler on The Simpson's production team.

From the FIFA corruption scandal and smart watches to the Trump presidency, The Simpsons have had a ridiculous amount of accurate predictions throughout their 29 seasons. The most recent of which has conspiracy theorists wondering how they do it.

Over the weekend, the U.S. men’s curling team shocked the world when they stole the gold medal from Sweden in the 2018 Winter Olympics. A defeat so surprising that no one could have possibly seen it coming, well except for The Simpsons, of course.

Eight years ago, in a season 21 episode titled “Boy Meets Curl,” Homer and Marge Simpson represent the U.S. in the Olympic games and end up not only taking home the gold, but also bumping Sweden down to second place. Now that cannot just be a coincidence.

Saturday, after the victory, Simpson’s writer Rob LaZebnik, who actually wrote the episode in question, took to Twitter to congratulate the U.S. curling team. LaZebnik also took the time to poke fun at The Simpson’s conspiracy theorist by tweeting that “Marge and Homer did it eight years ago."

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’ll look to The Simpson’s for upcoming lottery numbers since this stuff happens too frequently to be a coincidence.  

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