The Life and Death of Our Most Prominent Riverdale Theory

Betty Is Not Polly, but She is Somebody

Having Riverdale withdrawals? Check out our ‘Betty is Polly’ theory recap!

After seven episodes of Riverdale, it’s now time to mourn the loss of our dear friend, the ‘Betty is Polly’ theory after Polly has finally revealed herself at Pop’s Diner. Though we now know Betty is in fact NOT Polly, it’s hard to ignore the all the misdirects The CW threw at viewers. Take a look back at our three phases of the split personality theory.

Phase One
This phase is the peak of our theory. The first
 and most obvious references to our theory are the physical clues. From Betty putting on a black wig in the hot tub scene and calling herself Polly to Grandma Blossom mistaking Betty for her sister at Jason’s memorial, the physical hints towards the split personality theory are obvious. The references made to different literary sources about Betty are also worth noting. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde is mentioned, directly relating to split personalities. Jughead also refers to Betty as a ‘Hitchcock Blonde,’ a reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, a 1960’s psychological horror film. Don't ignore the intentional editing that The CW has sprinkled all throughout Riverdale. There are obvious fades to black and cutaways whenever Betty begins to talk about Polly indicating that Polly may not be a real person. Further, the expressions on other character’s faces when referencing Polly are also odd. Betty commonly finds herself in the presence of a mirror symbolizing the duality of her personality as well. All things considered, our split personality theory is red hot through Phase One.

Phase Two
Phase two is where our theory begins to raise more questions than probable answers. In episode six, Riverdale viewers finally meet Polly when Betty and Jughead visit her at the sanitarium. Recall the scene when Betty and Polly are talking in the garden and Betty must tell her sister that Jason is dead. Polly starts crying and the orderly rushes over to the girls. However, the orderly never addresses Polly, only Betty. This is extremely odd considering Polly is the patient and is showing clear distress. Not to mention Jughead is nowhere to be seen. This could be yet another example of the orderly symbolizing that Polly is just a figment of Betty’s imagination.  

The theory begins to stretch when Polly is being dragged away by the sanitarium guards in the presence of her parents, Betty, and Jughead. This is the first scene where multiple characters have interacted with Polly. However, there is no stage setting shot that shows all the characters in one spot. Instead, this scene is a bunch of cutaway shots edited together which still leaves us reeling. Phase Two is all about bending, but not breaking.

Phase Three
It’s time to grab a tissue, because this phase brings our theory to the ground. In episode seven, we see that Polly has made her way to Riverdale after Betty finds her in the attic. Once again, the attic scene is a one-on-one interaction with the sisters. The attic could symbolize Betty’s head in that Polly is just a figment of her imagination up above. The theory ultimately comes crashing down later in the episode when Polly reveals herself at Pop’s Diner and interacts with Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl. Polly has clearly made the statement that she is in Riverdale and is a real person.

Our theory is dead, but there is still evidence of Betty's alter personality. The CW would be crazy to throw away all obvious clues they have thrown at viewers for the past seven episodes indicating that Betty may have another side to her. From the lipstick scene to the hot tub scene, we still hold hope that Betty may not be the proper, perfect girl she is made out to be!

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