The Flash, DC's Legends: Where We Left Off

Getting Ready for Season Four


 The Flash
Everything’s great now, right? NOPE! Now there’s no speedster in the Speed Force, forcing it unstable. Barry sacrifices himself to run into the Speed Force, leaving the team behind to keep a watch on Central City. 

Here is where the main characters left off at the end of season three: 

Barry Allen/The Flash
It’s been three seasons, and Barry has finally defeated himself, but not without a cost. The Speed Force needs a speedster, and Barry sacrifices himself to bring balance back, and runs into the Speed Force. We know he has to come out sometime. The question is when? The season four trailer shows a speedster that looks A LOT like Barry Allen running on WHAT APPEARS TO BE the current world we know. There’s also a "The Flash  Reborn" trailer out on the interweb with Barry (or a version of Barry) back in Central City, but totally lethargic. It seems that his memory has been wiped, and the team is looking to jumpstart his mind. 

Iris West
For a season that revolved entirely around saving her life, Iris is now left without a fiance and no clear direction. Her job as a reporter seemed to dissolve in season three. She's left in an empty apartment, no Barry, and no clear direction. 

Caitlin Snow
After turning completely into Killer Frost, the old Caitlin came through, saving Cisco’s life. She didn’t take the antidote given to her by Julien leaving her not Killer Frost, but not Caitlin. After multiple heartbreaks, Caitlin seems to have come to a happy medium as Frost and Snow. Is that sleet? Her storyline can go any direction, which is great for a character with the worst luck with guys. No more love stories! 

Cisco Ramon
Vibe is becoming a more integral role when fighting meta-humans. The best part about Cisco’s storyline is his relationship with Gypsy. We learned in the finale that both are connected (telepathically), and hopefully, we will be seeing a lot more of them together. Unfortunately, Cisco is a lone wolf now with Caitlin on the lam, and H.R. dead. Cisco could become closer with Kid Flash, who is now filling Barry’s role. 

Julien Dorn
It seemed Julien was only being kept around as a love interest for Caitlin. Since she is going in a new direction, there’s no need for Julien’s character. He was a pawn for Savitar, and just kind of a helping hand around the lab. Reports say Felton will not be returning to season four as a regular, which is fine because his character doesn’t have anything else to give. 

Joe West
Ah, the “normal” person on The Flash who represents the viewer with questions like, “Wait, how is this possible?” Joe tabled his love interest to help save Iris, and we can expect a lot of the same as Wally West takes over for Barry. In one timeline, Joe becomes the Chief of Police in Central City. 

Wally West/Kid Flash
We are still wondering what happened to Wally during the fight scene with Savitar. After a couple of trees were chopped down in front of him, Wally disappeared until the funeral scene in the finale. It’s his show now with Barry trapped in the Speed Force. But even in the season four trailer, Kid Flash wasn’t given any lines, and played second fiddle to Vibe/Cisco. Hopefully, he plays a larger role in the show, at least until Barry’s return. 

H.R./Harrison Wells
Well, if you’ve made it this far, you know dead, but Harrison Wells is very much alive and in Central City, for all we know. Wells helped the team defeat Savitar. He could play a role in bringing back Barry from the Speed Force Prison before returning to
Earth Two 



DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The season 2 finale brought in two different sets of Legends all fighting the Legion of Doom, who has possession of the Spear of Destiny. If you haven’t watched the series then that sentence is really confusing. Nevertheless, the Legends traveled back to France 1916 during WWI in an event that the team already experienced. Current-time aberration Legends can’t interact with the past normal timeline Legends or time will break. Long story short, the spear is destroyed, Legends interact and time breaks. Yippee! Even though both teams work together, time is all messed up as the team returns to 2017, only to find dinosaurs roaming the streets, but with multiple time storms, the Legends could be in any random timeline or universe. 

Here’s where the Legends left off in season 2:


After emerging as lead Legend in this season, Sara Lance is holding the Spear of Destiny in her hands. The spear brings her to an alternate reality with Laurel Lance, giving her the option to take everything back to pre-Arrow life. In true form, Sara does the “right thing” and took the power away from the spear, but not before unleashing Black Flash, who kills Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash). 

Ray Palmer/ATOM
Honestly, Ray is just happy he’s back with his beloved suit. Still with the team in current day reality, whatever that means. Stuck in Los Angeles, Calif., 2017. 

Mick Rory/Heat Wave
After episodes of being haunted by Captain Cold, Mick finally “defeats” him, but wipes his memory, hoping Leonard Snart will become a better man. He sets the course for Aruba, but quickly is overridden and is stuck in Los Angeles, Calif., 2017. 

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
Memory wiped by Mick, see above. 

Jefferson Jackson/Dr. Martin Stein/Firestorm
Still alive. Doing their 
taaanngg! Stuck in Los Angeles, Calif., 2017. 

Amaya Jiwe/Vixen
Trading heritage for love. How sweet! Instead of being dropped off in the past, Vixen follows her heart and decides to stay with the Legends and with lover Nate Heywood a.k.a Steel. Also stuck in Los Angeles, Calif., 2017. 

Nate Heywood/Steel
He got the girl! Nate and Amaya are the only love story (unless you count Mick and Leonard), and they are both together and so in love and stuck in Los Angeles, Calif., 2017. 

Rip Hunter
After a triumphant return from the oof amnesia, a shrunken Rip Hunter reboots the Wave Rider and rescues the Legends, bringing them to the fateful battle in France that broke time. During the season finale, Rip handed the keys over to Sara, and is “taking his leave” with a jump-ship to an unknown location in time. Reports are Captain Hunter will be a recurring character for season 3.

Eobard Thawne
Dead? Killed by Black Flash, but nobody really dies in The CW DC Universe. 

Damien Darhk
Stuck in the 80’s, set on his normal path to kill Laurel Lance. 




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