Snap Map Causing Kidnapping Concern

Creepy or Overexaggerated?

Snapchat has released its newest feature, and people think it’s super creepy.

Last week's Snapchat update rolled out the app’s latest feature, “Snap Map." This feature allows for users to see the location of their friends as well as what they are doing at the time. Many have been reacting to this feature, from concerned parents to members of the police force, and most of what they have to say is negative. People are worried mostly for the safety of young children and teens who use the app who may be exposed to predatory behavior, such as stalking or kidnapping. So, are you actually in danger from this new feature?
Snapchat representatives have stressed that user safety is very important to the company and the feature was designed keeping this in mind. The default setting for users on Snap Map is “ghost mode," which turns off location sharing to everyone. The user can then manually choose if they want to share their location with all friends, or specific ones that they pick. The friends must be mutual, meaning that both users are “friends” with each other. It's not possible for someone who has not been mutually added to see the user's location on Snap Map. Many concerns of this feature also include the issue of basic privacy, as the map allows for locations to be seen down to minor crossroads. People also worry that relationship trust issues will arise as couples see each other’s exact location on Snap Map, and who they are with potentially.

If you are concerned about your privacy on Snapchat go to the Snap Map settings and turn “ghost mode” on. If you want even more protection, you can go to iPhone settings and turn off location services for Snapchat.

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