Riverdale Theories: Chapter Twenty-Nine

You can't spell 'juicy' without 'Andy Cohen'


Isn't it obvious? Andy Cohen is The Black Hood! He's infiltrated the Lodge household and is slowly torturing us with shameless, out-of-place plugs! Do you not see his evil plan?

Let's move on from Andy's cameo and hope Archie doesn't feel unmeasurable fear when he looks into Andy's eyes. Instead, let's change up our theory format just a bit.

Since we were dead wrong (maybe) about Chic not being Alice's son (he is), and we are 99.9 percent sure Nana Blossom is a goner, I'm going to predict who will die next on Riverdale

You can't kill a member of the core four kids or adults, but is Archie's mom really that safe? Yep, I'm about to guess that Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald) will be the next major character to die in Riverdale

This theory is based on the assumption that Archie will eventually turn on Hiram Lodge breaking his blood oath (a.k.a. the stupidest thing Archie has EVER DONE EVER!!)

The biggest soft spot Archie has is for his dad. His relationship with his mom is more complicated. Archie wants his parents to be together and doesn't see why they can't, and for this reason, Archie resents his mom. Also, Mary put him in his place, rightfully so, when Archie had the nerve to diss his dad, and forever-nice-guy, Fred. 

Mary is a lawyer with a knack for investigation. She and Fred have known the Lodges for years, and something tells me she is not sticking around to solely help Fred jump-start his mayoral race.

Now, this is just speculation, but there will come a time when Mary comes across some information or a piece of evidence that could send not only Hiram but the entire Lodge family to jail. We're also led to believe that we've seen the end of Smithers. That sneaky chauffer has plenty more secrets hidden under that driver's cap than what he told Jughead. 

So, Mary comes across this information, and in an attempt to solidify Fred's election win, she tries to blackmail Hiram and Hermione. But oh, does that take a turn for the worse when Hiram orders a "hit" on Mary, presumably running her off the road like Nick St. Clair, but instead of leaving the scene with brutal injuries, Mary, our sweet Mary, dies from the accident. The incident sends Archie spiraling, and eventually he turns on Hiram, and the plot shifts to revenge. 

But who could stop all this madness and death from happening? Well, and I know it may be out of the box, but Ethel Muggs, and her sweet milkshakes of truth could end the violence by dousing everyone in cold, sugary shame. #MilkshakesforEthel



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