Riverdale Murder Theories: Chapter Thirty-Five


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Riverdale Season 2 is over. That means this is my last murder theory post for the summer! I'm not crying. . .you're crying! 

In Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World, Hiram Lodge is causing more chaos as he tries to buy up the remaining bits of Riverdale. 

Hal Cooper, who is one of the Black Hoods, as we called it, is in solitary confinement. And while Archie was thinking about his bones, Betty is doing her best to leave the past behind. Hiram has assembled his "Council of Deplorables", including Penny Peabody, Penelope and Claudius Blossom and the leader of the Ghoulies. Penelope wants a brothel, which is like, just, gross. 

But you watched the episode, so you don't need a recap. Season 2 left us in the only place we know, the darkness. 

It wouldn't be a Riverdale season finale without an Andrews man in a life or death situation. Archie has been framed for murder, and it's pretty obvious that Hiram orchestrated the whole thing. Once again, this is why the term "make my bones" should never be used. Saying it never brings peace or joy, and most of the time the person who says that phrase sounds supes goofy. 

Wrapping Up The Black Hood Theory

Let's linger back to the Black Hood one last time for Season 2. Are we really to believe that Southside Serpent Tallboy was the second shooter? I don't trust Hiram or the new pretty boy sheriff at all. And with the amount of hatred Hal (OG Black Hood) had for the Serpents makes me seriously question him teaming up with Tallboy. 

Look, twins run in the Blossom family. It's fine if Hal doesn't have an evil twin carrying out the evil deed of murder while wearing a glorified sock on his head, but try and convince me that the "second shooter" isn't Claudius Blossom. If the Black Hood 2.0 was really Tallboy, wouldn't we see his hair either hanging out the back of the ski mask or at least bunched up? 

Here are my final thoughts on The Black Hood:
Hal Cooper was definitely The Black Hood, but you can't deny there is another Black Hood roaming around the city. Hiram got extremely lucky that the town of Riverdale, rich in syrup, was already in chaos when he arrived in town. As an evil entrepreneur, Hiram's plan blossomed (pun intended) even more with the north and south sides at ends. 

There are specific lines from Hal Cooper and Claudius Blossom that I can't shake. For instance, the whole deal with the Blossom Curse: that one of every pair of twins will suffer a gruesome death. Hal admitted he is technically a Blossom, thanks to a sly name change by his grandpa. 

In the musical episode, Hal brings Alice flowers and she snaps a remark toward Hal about being allergic to peonies, "But how would you know that? We've only been married for decades." Unless a side effect of "the darkness" is forgetting your spouse's health concerns, I doubt the real Hal would actually forget Alice's allergy. 

Tallboy as the other Black Hood doesn't hold any water. And I'm not ready to let Hiram get away with that one. 

Until Season 3, here are some of the best reactions to the Riverdale Season Two Finale: 












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