Riverdale Murder Theories: Chapter Eighteen

How Can it Not be Hal?


Breaking down our theory about who the shooter is in Riverdale. 

Riverdale's Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls was perhaps the heaviest, darkest episode of the series yet. Betty is forced to break off her closest relationships after threatening phone calls and instructions from The Black Hood. The Riverdale Writers also revealing a dark storyline of attempted date rape against Cheryl Blossom from new cast member Nick. St. Clair. Madelaine Petsch released a PSA about the scene. As for our theory who the Black Hood is, we are about 80 percent sure of his identity. This week, we are only focusing on the Spotlight Theory, a theory we feature throughout the entire season until proven or disproven, as the evidence grows stronger and stronger against Hal and Alice Cooper. 

The Spotlight Theory
"The face under the hood, would I recognize it?" is the most important question Betty asks the Black Hood. He responds, "Yes." This shooter also knows that Betty loved Nancy Drew books as a child, where Polly is hiding, and that she is pregnant with Blossom twins. Who else would know these facts aside from her immediate family? Archie? Maybe the Nancy Drew books, but nothing else. Veronica? Nope. Jughead? No chance. There are only two people in the entire series who would know these facts about Betty and be recognized by her, and those two people are Alice and Hal Cooper. 

Betty also asked the Black Hood if he was at Town Hall the night she and Jughead stormed the parent's meeting. He was, and so was Hal because they are the same person. 

Let's take this from an aesthetic point of view. Who is a middle-aged white male, with green-looking eyes? Sheriff Keller? Hal Cooper? Clifford Blossom? Hal is the clear front-runner. 

With Alice pulling the strings, and Hal as the trigger man, Betty is constantly being monitored. If you're thinking 'but why would Betty's parent's torture her like this?'  then let me remind you about Riverdale Season One, when we found out it was Jason's dad, Clifford Blossom, who killed him. 

Though there is little evidence now to support this, I strongly believe season two is all about the Blossom Bloodline. 

With a such a dark, intense episode, we had to discuss our thoughts. Check out our reaction to Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls below.

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