The Worst Household Chore Is...

TBH You'll Totally Agree with This Research

PHOENIX - Let's be blunt, chores suck. As adults, those chores become a daily routine from dusting to mopping to washing and ironing your clothes, which I admit I do regularly. I think living in Arizona I have cleaned my yard is the worst, particularly in the summer. I really hate that chore during those 5 months of triple-digit heat. 

According to a recent study, washing dishes may cause the most friction in a relationship. Yuhoh.  This same study indicates that women do more of the chores than men, but men are beginning to take on bigger chore roles around the house. 

The interesting thing about this study is not only are men sharing more chore duty but they're also raising the number when it comes to men staying at home and take on the childcare role. Still, the fact that dishwashing is the most hated chore is expressed by both sexes, on a positive note for men, women expressed that sharing the task of washing dishes was the most satisfactory for them. So men...get on it. 

The results of this recent survey were compared with those in the 90's and beyond, even then those numbers have dramatically risen since the 60's, when women would take on larger roles when it came to housework, child care and yes, even cooking. 

So, for those that are looking to help out more around the house consider this, women tend to appreciate a man that cooks, cleans, joins them at the grocery store, helps wash, fold and iron their clothes, and finally yes, wash the dishes...together. Believe me, there are benefits to helping around although results vary, see your spouse for details.


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