Real Life Tinder Love Story for Gorillas

In a time where dating Apps have become a legitimate way of meeting a partner, it seems like everyone and their brother have at least dabbled in the realm of internet dating. Oddly enough that now can be said about more than just humans.

Calaya and Baraka, two Western lowland Gorillas who both happen to be residents of the Smithsonian National Zoo, where first introduced to each other three years ago with the use of a matching algorithm. This “Gorilla Matchmaking” program is an attempt to promote gorilla breeding.

The program creates compatibility scores, looking at traits like personality, and genetic make-up. Not only did Baraka and Calaya both have rare genetic make-up, their personalities were a good match too.

Back in February 2015 Cayala was officially brought to the Smithsonian to meet Baraka, and to internet dating skeptic’s dismay, the pair was a match made in Gorilla heaven. Now three years later, the pair is awaiting their first child due this spring.

In preparation for motherhood, Cayala has been going through a motherhood training program, which involves caring for a tiny gorilla stuffed animal. And as for the two love birds, the pair have been close, even sharing what appears to be a kiss from time to time, according to the New Yorker.  

For all of you online dating skeptics out there just remember, If it works for Gorillas It can work for you.

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