Quick 6 Reasons to Love Spiders

Pretty Cool, but Keep to Yourself, Spiders


Quick Six amazing facts you should know about spiders

Disease? War? No. Humanities true enemy are spiders. No one likes them. People who say they like them are lying. Everyone hates spiders. Yes, we want to burn our house down when we were reaching for a shoe and lost sight of the spider, we have all been there. But just like bees, spiders play an important role in our earth's ecosystem. Spiders help keep pests and disease-carriers at bay.

Here are more quick facts not everyone knows about spiders:

1. Spiders eat 400-800m tons of insects every year (Humans only consume 400m tons of meat and fish each year).

2. All spiders spin silk, but not all spiders spin webs. Abandoned spider webs are called “cobwebs." The word “cob” is an obsolete word meaning “spider” and is shortened form of “attercop," which means “poison head."

3. The silk in a spider’s web is five times stronger than a strand of steel that is the same thickness. A web made of strands of spider silk as thick as a pencil could stop a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet in midflight (Scientists still cannot replicate the strength of spider’s silk).

4. When a spider travels, it always has four legs touching the ground and four legs off the ground at any given moment.

5. The world’s largest spider is the Goliath Spider. It can grow up to 11 inches wide, and its fangs are up to one inch long.

6. The world’s smallest spider is the Patu Marplesi. It is so small that 10 of them could fit on the end of a pencil.

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