Old 'Blue's Clues' Host Challenges John Cena to Fight

Ruh roh!


Our childhood hero is entering the ring. . .against John Cena.

You read that right.

Blue’s Clues’ old host, Steve Burns, is out for blood and will do anything to earn back his role of solving mysteries with animated characters by his side.

After John Cena was rumored to be auditioning for the role of "Steve" in the 2018 reboot of Blues Clues, Burns (the original host) was not having it.

Burns made a video, challenging the WWE champion to a wrestling match to determine who the better “Steve” is.

Even Nickelodeon commented on the video Burns made:

Burns feels like the host of the show should be played by a regular person, not a super buff, pro-wrestler, superstar like John Cena.

The Nickelodeon show ended in 2002, and according to Burns, it was because he was starting to lose his hair.

Well, now both competitors have very little hair so the competition is all in the moves.

Cena has yet to comment on Burns’ challenge, but hopefully Burns is ready and in tip-top shape when he does.

May the best "Steve" win.

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