'Museum of Failure' Makes Us Feel Like Everything Will Be Ok

Even smart people fail sometimes

Phoenix -  

What do Google Glasses, BIC Pens for Her, and E-zee Squirt Purple Ketchup have in common?

They were all major business failures and now you can see them at the Museum of Failure.

The Museum of Failure opened in Hollywood this week. It features marketing failures, showcasing some of the worst ideas companies or brands have come up with.

The museum also has what they call “The Room of Failure” where visitors can write their own failures on sticky notes and stick them to the wall. You can laugh at your screw ups, and also read the fails of your average, everyday person. You know, so you don’t feel alone or anything.

The Museum is a pop-up attraction along the Walk of Fame so fail enthusiasts best get tickets and drive out to L.A. soon.

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