'Medieval Times' Dinner Theater is Coming to Phoenix

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Ever wanted to watch a jousting tournament while eating dinner with the family and only using your hands to eat? Good news! Medieval Times is finally making its way to Phoenix.

It was announced on Reddit by Atlas Obscura while hosting an “Ask Me Anything” on the site. They wrote, “I can announce right here, that we are about to break ground on a BRAND NEW MEDIEVAL TIMES in Phoenix, which we will hope to have open in early 2019.”

Medieval Times is where you can go to enjoy a show like never seen before. The two-hour jousting tournament is accompanied with a 4-course meal. The meal includes, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet-buttered corn, herb-basted potato’s, the pastry of the castle, coffee and beverages. There are no utensils. It is the medieval times, y'all. 

During the show, you're seated in different colored sections and root for the knight dressed in your section color during the tournament, as well as crowns matching your designated color. The knights then battle it out to win for their team and satisfy those who came to watch the show.

As of now, there are nine other castle locations around the U.S., making Arizona the 10th.

The new location will be opening up in the Talking Stick Entertainment District in 2019.

Get your crowns ready, this dinner/tournament will take you back to the olden days.

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