Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Here's Why You Should Thank a Cop Today

PHOENIX - Today is the day to say "thank you" to a police officer in your area. Tuesday Jan. 9, is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D).

Daylight Donuts in Mesa, Ariz. is going above and beyond today by creating doughnuts with a thin blue line draped across the top. The shop is donating 20% of the proceeds from the doughnut sales to C.O.P.S, Concerns of Police Survivors. C.O.P.S. is dedicated to helping rebuild the lives of the families and co-workers who have lost a loved one in the police force. Social media users have gone to Twitter and Facebook to share their delicious thin blue line donuts and show their appreciation for law enforcement today. Many local police departments around the Valley are taking appreciation to their social media sites as well.

Mesa Police Department took to Twitter this morning to say:

“Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Thank you to all members of Law Enforcement for keeping us safe. Sometimes a note from the kids is all it takes to remind us of why we took the job. Be safe out there.”

Along with the tweet, they attached two photos.



One photo thanking those who serve and protect and another of notes they had received from children thanking the police officers at the Mesa Police Department.

The Chandler Police Department posted a photo collage to their Twitter page showing pictures of officers with children, outside of their police car, and with other members of the community.



There are many ways to thank our law enforcement for going to work and protecting us all. Simple tasks like writing a letter to local police officers, saying "thank you" if you see your city’s law enforcement out patrolling the street, or donating to any fundraiser that gives back to law enforcement. Although it is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we should give thanks more often to those who serve and protect us daily.

So get out there, give some appreciation and thank someone in law enforcement today.

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