Help Cheerios Save the Bees

Cheerios is Mailing Seeds to Keep Honeybees Alive


Cheerios has started a movement in order to protect our little pollinators from disappearing.

Honeybees are responsible for pollinating 80 percent of crops around the world. However with the immense amount of pesticides used on crops today by large corporations, bees are now dying and are unable to pollinate those crops. In the last year the USA has lost 44 percent of its bees. Cheerios wants this to stop. They are starting a movement to make sure the bees are given the plants and habitat they need to survive! Cheerios partnered with Veseys Seed Company to give away over 100 million bee-friendly wildflower seeds to be planted in bee friendly areas – they already hit their goal but they movement is not over. Customers are still able to order seeds to plant off their website.


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