Dad of the Year Carves Hogwarts Out of Ice

It's the 'Frozen'/'Harry Potter' Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed


You usually hear of dads building tree houses for their children, but one dad has taken his skills to the extreme, carving Hogwarts out of ice in his front yard.

Kelly Davis is an ice carver from Alberta, Canada who creates sculptures in the wintertime. This year, he decided to make Hogwarts for his two daughters.

Davis also created an ice slide for the kids to go on. Once the kids go down the slide, they are greeted by an ice throne that looks like Dumbledore’s head chair from the Great Hall. He also created a seat with the Hogwarts crest craved into it. Ice pillars and stairs complete the setting. 

We’re wishing it snowed in the Valley, so we could create our own Hogwarts-themed playground out of ice!

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