Carl's Jr Honors Steven Spielberg With Spielburgers


How do you properly honor a film legend like Steven Spielberg? You name a burger after him, of course.

What was formerly known as the Charbroiled Slider at Carl’s Jr. has gotten a name upgrade. It's now called the "Spielburger", in honor of the Jurassic Park director. 

"Carl's Jr. fans are huge movie buffs so we wanted to pay homage," said chief marketing officer for CKE Restaurants Holdings, Jeff Jenkins.

The name change also correlates with the release of Spielberg’s latest movie Ready Player One, which opens Thursday.

The company hopes to catch the eye of Spielburger with the promotion. 

The Spielburger will remain one of the cheapest items on the menu, costing Spielberg fans only $1 to enjoy.

It will be available through late April.

Although the name change will be promoted on the company’s social media accounts, the in-store menus will continue to refer to the burger by its original name.

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