Arizona Becomes Independent Music Capital of the World

Arena Music is a Game Changer

A new app designed here in Phoenix is set to be a game-changer when it comes to streaming music for free and giving artists more opportunities to monetize their music. 

Arena Music is making music streaming fair for artists and free for listeners. A total 
win-win, if you ask me. In a world where people no longer buy music to own, local entrepreneur Damon Evans is making his mark in the music industry. Arena redirects consumer attention to exclusive merchandise offers. Sort of like Spotify and Pandora, but you have the option to purchase your favorite bands merchandise while listening to their music. There are other unique features like the Listen to Own (LTO) option. This works like a reward program where listeners can choose between a $1 reward credit or a free download once they’ve listened to the song at least five times through.


The free app is available now but will be launching full features soon.

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