2016 Weddings Weren't Cheap

Tying the Knot Could Break the Bank

Tying the knot could break the bank.

Saying ‘I do’ to your loved one on your special day is much simpler than saying ‘I do’ to a wedding budget. The average cost of a wedding in 2016 reached an all new high, costing an average of $35,329. This number is up $2,688 from last year’s national average in 2015. So where is all this money going you might ask? The answer is your guests! While the average number of wedding guests has decreased from 149 to 141 since 2009, couples are spending on average $50 more per head in 2016. With today’s modern weddings, it’s all about creating the ultimate guest experience. Couples-to-be are splurging in areas like unique entertainment, delectable eats, and unforgettable venues all to make sure it’s the best wedding their guests have attended to date. Planning a wedding? Start saving now!

The location of your wedding also plays a large part in your budget. Manhattan was the most expensive place to get married in 2016, costing couples an average of $78,464. Arkansas, on the other hand, was the lowest at $19,522.

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